Wedding Dresses

A wedding is one of the most precious as well as memorable moments in life. The brides dress is of utmost importance and large amounts of care must be taken to make her look like an angel in her beautiful wedding gown.

The wedding dress is worn  by the bride during the wedding ceremony. The wedding dress is usually both gorgeous and graceful to reflect the most precious moment in one’s life- marriage.

The background generally governs the nature of the wedding attire. The society, the culture and the customs that are followed by the parties involved in the wedding are key factors in the making of the spectacular wedding dress.

Back in the day any other colour other than black or red was acceptable for the wedding gown. The custom of wearing a white dress at a wedding was imitated from royal weddings. The long train behind the wedding dress was an idea that was gained from peacocks, which were once honoured as ‘royal birds’.

For the Chinese however, the red dress s the most preferred one for weddings. The Chinese consider red to be a lucky colour, the Indians consider red to be a colour of good omen. Red is a colour that is generally avoided in western countries for the wedding dress.

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