Calegra Bridal House Wedding Gowns

Calegra Bridal House is known for being one of the first in the South African wedding industry. It is a  family-owned business, that created a platform whereby South African designers are finally able to show off their work throughout the country.

Calegra features the best Wedding Gowns South Africa has to offer. The ladies from Calegra Bridal House stand for everything that it has to offer from exceptional through to unique and of course utmost brilliance.

This level of service is clearly evident in everything they do, from the outstanding quality of the Wedding Gowns they keep in stock all the way to the undivided attention that they will, at all times, give to you.

Calegra Bridal House has more than 10 years of experience within the industry, at all times they keep up to date with the ever changing traits and trends, and always know exactly what the modern bride wants. Their spectacular attention to detail and their ability to guide you to your perfect wedding gown comes highly recommended with no doubt.

Calegra Bridal House has 2 branches, one in Moreletapark, Pretoria and the other in Cape Town, make sure you visit to ensure a one of a kind experience.

For all your Wedding Gown needs contact Calegra today!

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